Märkte filtern, Transparenz schaffen,, Ergebnis steigernMärkte filtern, Transparenz schaffen,, Ergebnis steigern

The vision

No confusingly complex and unstructured markets anymore. Software portals of Screenware are the answer to the need of consumers for transparent and processed information as well as high quality. We produce a more efficient working sphere according to transparency. Our software brings the user a speed advantage and in direct comparison with competition a faster and better result. Because nowadays, time is money.

Software portals with Screenware
Simulation, calculation as well as search and exchange programs

The mission

Our team develops and runs simulation, calculation as well as search and exchange programs in form of software or web portals. It enables the preparation of automatic offers of planning and project development and facilitates new technologies. Additionally, with our partner network, we are a supplier of miscellaneous services.

The strategy

Creating transparency
based on a comprehensive and in-depth market analysis and processing of the main producer and product data.

Screening of markets
Screening product databases for essential details to receive an accurate selection of the total range of products.

Enhancing speed
Due to a quick selection and sorting based on defined parameters to make working more efficient.

Increasing performance
and offering our clients competitive advantage by that.

Offering independent working environment
by 24h ‘around the clock’ access to the software portals via the internet.

Offering independent working environment and increasing performance with Screenware
Choosing the right products thank to market screening

The targets

We are your way out of the clutches of the matrix consisting of confusingly complex markets. Fumbling in the dark while deciding for the right products has an end. Software and web portals of Screenware create transparency, simplify the selection of the right products and services and increase your performance.

The projects

Currently, SCREENWARE is working on various solutions for fast and efficient data provision and management, on the interactive mapping system YNFYNYTY, and on the online tool LightCloud for lighting industry. Under the slogan „on the walk“, our own brand Ticket32 already enables online bookings as a white label solution.
According to the motto ‘With students by students’ our main project WorkToStudent is taking shape – an global meta-network for students, employers, and universities.

Software projects of Screenware
Team of Screenware

The team

Screenware is a startup in developing and running B2B software and web portals with a highly motivated and skilled team of web and software developers, web designers, media designers, marketing experts, and strategical heads with long-time market knowledge.

We are a location-independent cloud team and we network via the modern resources of communication across transnationally. That is how we design our teamwork extremely flexible and slack.


Co-working with students
Co-working with students
Co-working with universites
Co-working with universites